Hello my name is

Well that’s pretty self-explanatory I’d think. I am John Schupbach as that brilliant sticker says. This is the place where one can reach me in thousands of different ways. Well like four really, but thousands sounds better doesn’t it? First and foremost is my email. I check my email everyday and will respond to any email sent as soon as I possibly can. My email is: (This links to Yahoo Mail)


Facebook Like Button
This handy button is the link to my facebook page, appropriately named “This and That: A Car’s Story.” You should head over and click that neat little like button on the page and check it out while your there. Maybe invite your friends to like it too! Just click on the big thumbs up and it will take you right to my page.


facebook Cube


This photo is the link to my own facebook profile. Again simply click on it and it will redirect you to my profile where you can friend me or whatever else you feel inclined to do.


Twitter Logo


Once again this pic is a nifty little link. Take a guess where it leads. Yup, my twitter. It is a new account just for this project and I have very few followers. Please help me out by building my twitter followers so I can get an audience for this blog!





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