I am a sophomore in college and currently attending Lindenwood University-Belleville and the first thing you need to know about me is that I have this awesome facebook page “This and That: A Car’s Story” which is a promotion for this blog, and that you should go and like! I hope to gain as large of an audience as possible and only through promoting can I do that so please help me out! Thanks!

So now, the “About” page you were promised….

This blog is a school project that, although is required, will hopefully become a passion of mine, and I will be able to keep posting even after my Fundamentals of the Internet class is long gone. My name is John Schupbach and I love cars…..and cats. But those magical felines aren’t a part of this project so I will keep them out of it! Since I was little cars have intrigued me and have captivated my attention. Although I will not, and truthfully cannot, claim that I could be your go-to guy for car knowledge, I would like to say that I do know an above average amount about cars and that hopefully this blog and all of its long nights of research will increase that knowledge until one day when maybe I could be your Car Guru. This blog is fun to do for me as I enjoy finding out more and more stuff on cars and their possibilites. I hope to keep it that way and so I will be doing posts on things that suit my fancy. This does not at all mean that I am not open to suggestions for future posts. I welcome all suggestions with open arms and hope to be able to write about them.


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