The Beauty of the Beast: Jaguar

Following a comment by a member (who shall remain nameless, although he knows who he is) on my facebook page, I have decided to look more into the all-new, every-man’s-fantasy, Jaguar F-TYPE. This post will delve into a bit of detail on this gorgeous and yet, reasonably affordable Jaguar. First off I have to say that “reasonably affordable” does not mean anyone can go down to the lot and pick one up for pocket change. “Reasonably affordable” here means that for what you get, (the bragging rights of owning a Jaguar and the performance and aesthetics of said car) you are paying a feasible and not entirely outlandish, force-you-into-debt price. A price of $65,000 looks to be about the bottom dollar according to the Jaguar website, for a brand new F-TYPE. I say “Worth it!” Just look at this amazing vehicle!

Jaguar F-TYPE

A Beauty of a Car

Tell me honestly you don’t want that car, and I’ll show you a dishonest person. I would give my left leg for that car. After all, it comes with a nearly seamless 8-speed automatic transmission, so realistically, one would only need their right leg to operate the animal. Just a thought. Anyway, on to the car you’ve been waiting for. The F-TYPE has been in production since the 2013 model year, but clearly the new model blows its ancestors out of the water. With a little bit of variety, the car comes with two primary options, convertible or coupe, and then 3 secondary options for each choice. So convertible can be F-TYPE, F-TYPE S, and F-TYPE V8 S while the coupe version has F-TYPE, F-TYPE S, and F-TYPE R. Regardless of which you choose, it will be an amazing car. Starting with a lower, yet still impressive 340hp in the base model, and stretching up to a powerhouse 550hp, the F-TYPE packs a big punch behind a little car and the R model can sprint to 60mph in just 4 seconds.

Jaguar F-TYPE

Burnout From an F-TYPE

The F-TYPE comes with a completely unneeded, yet fantastically magical switch. At will, you can make the engine sound as if it was about to erupt and come charging out of the car itself! By operating the switch, the user can open a bypass valve to make the exhaust exit more freely and create quite a voluptuous rumble as the result! Flipping the switch gives the car a guttural sound envied by most any man, and then flipping it back reverts the noise to a polite, in-a-quiet-neighborhood volume. Quite genius if you ask me. On the inside Jaguar has kept the car simple, yet refined. Easy-to-read controls and dials mixed with the stylish and up-to-date decor make the interior of the F-TYPE a piece of eye candy. Leather seats are an obvious choice, and the paddle shifter equipped steering wheel gives full control over shifting if you so desire. Personally, I love the inside, but have a look yourself. Interior Interior Interior On the outside, the car is designed for maximum performance, while keeping an appealing sense of style. The door handles retract when not in use, and a spoiler comes up only when needed to increase performance. Sleek and sexy, the beautiful F-TYPE holds true to the Jaguar name. With options of 18, 19, or 20 inch wheels, the F-TYPE draws as many looks to its treads as it does to the body. The aesthetic appeal can only be described as jaw dropping, mouth watering, awe inspiring, breath-taking beauty wrapped around a curiously aggressive aluminum frame and filled with everything good.


This is just my take on the brand spanking new Jaguar F-TYPE. I would recommend going here to check out Jaguar’s website. It has much more info, including photos, videos, and specs. It even has a build your F-TYPE section where you get to choose what you would want on your dream Jaguar from the custom wheels all the way down to the interior scheme. I built my own Jag, and ended up creating a dream machine costing over 6 digits! Try it yourself see what happens!

Click John’s Jag to see the F-TYPE I created


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Beast: Jaguar

  1. John
    Well we all know that you can’t buy a car from the dealership with a body part. Or your left leg to be exact. But “DO I have a DEAL for YOU”! I tell you what, I will give you the 65,000 with a couple grand more thrown in just for accessories, and you give ME your left leg……Mine is arthritic, wants to give away at inopportune times, aches many days, doesn’t run or climb like it used to……and I could really use a young new one!!
    Unc JaRon

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