The Best of the Best

I think every car enthusiast should have a hard time picking one “favorite” car, but today you will have to do so. I know its tough, I sometimes wish I owned every car ever…well not sometimes…all the time actually! Today though, you can only have one favorite car which you will share with the rest of us. And it’s a requirement. You can’t leave this blog without sharing. In fact, by the time you’ve read this I will have already penetrated your computer’s defenses, and if you try to leave without sharing, then it will explode. Okay, fine, that’s a lie, but I really wanna know what your top car is so please share. Now I do have some guidelines that must be followed simply to keep some reasonable boundaries on the limitless possibilities. And also just because I want it that way.


The rules are as follows:

1)Car must be street legal

2)Car must be real (no Batmobiles here)


4)Cost should be under $75,000 (if its close it doesn’t matter this is just to keep you all from picking clearly out-of-budget dream cars such as the Veyron)


While these rules may seem childish and unnecessary, keep in mind that I do not simply want to know the one car out of every car ever made that you think is the coolest. I want to know what car you could easily see yourself driving and owning, both because it is affordable, and because you would love to drive it, for whatever  reason that may be. So think of this as your favorite potential future car.

I will start this off by stating my favorite car, which is a Shelby GT500 Mustang. Honestly I don’t so much care what year it is so long as it has that beautiful cobra on the grille. I have always loved GT500s from the day I first saw/learned about one. I love all mustangs for that matter–well actually there was a large gap in the 70s and 80s that I don’t much care for, but we won’t talk about those shenanigans. My dream Shelby would be a beautiful deep yellow with double black racing stripes. Convertible or not I would take that Mustang down every back road known to man and tear those streets up. I would love to think that sometime in the nearish future I will have a title in my name claiming such a spectacular vehicle, but that is yet to be determined.

Alright, now it is your turn so go ahead and comment away. Be creative and share your thoughts along with your carefully chosen car, such as why you like it or when you hope to get it.


4 thoughts on “The Best of the Best

  1. I have always loved the Nissan Maxima. You can get a loaded 2014 for around $35,000, or you can put that money towards half of a decent-sized home. Smile. It is not a huge car, but very roomy. Not too sporty, but yet I wouldn’t feel like I was driving my granny’s car. That’s my pick!

  2. ^Karmann Ghias are lovely, but who can argue with a 2012 Lotus Elise S? It’s the best of everything you need in a car: unbeatable driving experience, stand-out looks, sports car speed, plus great gas mileage and the bragging rights of owning a Lotus!

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