The Great Potato Crammin’

Some of you may have heard of the ol’ potato in a tailpipe trick. Even fewer might have actually either been the victim or the culprit of such an event. I myself have neither been potatoed nor have a potatoed someone else. I have heard stories however, and found it interesting to Continue reading


The Beauty of the Beast: Jaguar

Following a comment by a member (who shall remain nameless, although he knows who he is) on my facebook page, I have decided to look more into the all-new, every-man’s-fantasy, Jaguar F-TYPE. This post will delve into a bit of detail on this gorgeous and yet, reasonably affordable Jaguar. First off I have to say that Continue reading

The Iconic Police Vehicle vs. Its Civilian Counterpart

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the good ole Ford Crown Victoria and the Police Interceptor version that law enforcement uses? I certainly have, so I’ve decided to pursue the topic, and bring what I find to you. And, after my search, there is, disappointingly, very few change making differences. Even more discouraging is the lack Continue reading

Would You Like Your Charger to be Super or Turbo?

Many a debate has been had over superchargers and turbochargers. This will not be one. I am not going to tell you which is better, both because I am simply providing descriptions and information of them, and because I myself have not owned or driven a vehicle equipped with either. So here we go, I am just going to…charge…into this post.

Turbochargers and superchargers are both Continue reading

The Best of the Best

I think every car enthusiast should have a hard time picking one “favorite” car, but today you will have to do so. I know its tough, I sometimes wish I owned every car ever…well not sometimes…all the time actually! Today though, you can only have one favorite car which you will share with the rest of us. And it’s a requirement. You can’t leave this blog without sharing. In fact, by the time you’ve read this I will have Continue reading

My Educated Fuel Economy Tips

#1 Being number one, this should be the most important tip…and it is. Don’t drive a Hummer. It’s that simple really.

HummerIf you drive a Hummer, you will spend most of your day at the pump, despite the ginormous 32-gallon monster-of-a-tank. But no, the best thing you can do for fuel economy is drive an economic vehicle. I understand that sometimes you need these huge vehicles to pull or haul things, but unless that is why you need it, there is no reason for a single person to drive an F-350 with an empty bed on a six hour trip. Be smart get a compact car to do the grocery shopping and taking the kids to school and going on dates.

Continue reading

Ever Thought About Entering a Demolition Derby?

Demo Derby 3

Is the above car the victim of drunk driving? No, drunk driving wrecks would look much worse! Don’t do it! It is in fact the willing participant in a demolition derby. Destroying cars, driving recklessly, and crashing into a good friend. Don’t these all just sound like amazing things to do?! Well, if you take part in a demolition derby, you can do all of this and get away scott free! Let’s just pretend Continue reading